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CRA360 (http://cra360.com) is dedicated to improving the effectiveness of clinical monitoring business processes within the clinical trial industry. We accomplish this by developing tools and services focused exclusively on one of the most important human resources in the industry: clinical research associates (CRAs.) CRA360 combines industry expert knowledge and modern technology platforms to create a cloud-based service enabling extensive background verification, assessment of experience and knowledge, and improvements to the effectiveness of resource management. Our goal is to build an environment showcasing a holistic, 360° view of the capabilities, knowledge, experience and industry relationships of CRAs.

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mimijumi (http://mimijumi.com) builds the world’s best baby bottle. “Second Only to Mom,” we have over 300,000 customers who enjoy better feeding for their babies with mimijumi products. mimijumi is the world’s most natural bottle, enabling modern millennial mothers, partners and caregivers to make the breast-to-bottle-to-breast decisions that enrich family life. mimijumi bottles feel and function just like mom’s breast, allowing baby to seamlessly switch between breast and bottle feedings. Our patent pending design eliminates colic by keeping air out. Finally, our bottles are BPA-free and have no harmful chemicals, making them the safest baby bottles available. 97% of babies love us. If they don’t, we have a 100% return guarantee.



LifeGait (http://lifegait.com) is the entity for holding intellectual property that Seahawk Innovation acquired from the University of Virginia  Patent Foundation and Dr. Mark E. Williams. While at UVA, Dr. Williams patented technology to analyze human gait for a variety of commercial applications across medical disciplines and consumer product segments. Seahawk will launch a series of companies using these technologies to commercialize solutions for early detection, treatment, monitoring, and recovery for concussions, neurological disorders (e.g., Parkinson’s, MS), fall prevention for  the elderly, detection of adverse events in clinical drug trials, and life quality improvement.


SportGait (http://www.sportgait.com) is LifeGait’s first commercial solution. SportGait is a unique safe-to-safe concussion management system (CMOS) where all critical clinical observations and decisions for youth athletes are removed from the playing field. The SportGait app gives parents, coaches and administrators clear guidance on when and where to take the athlete based on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) criteria. Our Medical app integrates state-of-the-art validated measurement technologies, conveniently putting them in the hands of medical professionals. The two apps communicate, enabling parent/provider interface during the critical treatment and monitoring periods. The SportGait CMOS fully complies with state laws for removal from and return to activity/play following suspected concussions. Additionally, SportGait CMOS is designed to integrate all new and future approved technologies that can aid the medical community in diagnosis or treatment of concussion. SportGait’s value was first proven with the help of our partner, Medac Health (http://medachealth.com) in Wilmington, NC.


SeekerDNA is the trade name of Seahawk Innovation’s ultra-high security, forensically secure DNA tagging product. SeekerDNA™ uses the world’s only DNA tagging product to provide an infinite number of unique and forensically secure coded marking sprays and gels to tag valuables. Items, clothing, or people that are marked with SeekerDNA easily allow detection to combat theft, counterfeiting, fraud, and other criminal acts, resulting in asset recovery and identification of the individual(s) associated with the theft or crime. If you take an item or leave the scene of a crime where SeekerDNA has been used, “you will be marked, you will be caught!” SeekerDNA gives authorities a unique technology to aid in crime detection, and individuals an inexpensive product to aid in crime prevention.


ERBITS is building the world’s first wearable technology that can stop crime in progress in collegiate and communal environments. More that one in four college-aged women worldwide will be the victim of sexual assault. ERBITS is the only wearable to have a global GSM cellphone watch, integrated forensic DNA marking technology, and a patent pending, always-ready activation system contained within a universally accepted form-factor. The ERBIT notifies the police, who can catch the perpetrator while tracking and communicating with the victim. It crowdsources people who can actually prevent the crime: your friends who are nearby. It even records the event. ERBITS was founded by Seahawk, SeekerDNA, and our partner, Micron Electronics.

Our Partners


Micron Wireless makes things smaller, faster, and better. They have produced millions of miniature telematics devices for safety and security applications worldwide. Micron Wireless produces the motion sensors used by Seahawk company, LifeGait as well as the ERBITS wearables. http://micronwireless.net


Seahawk “Graduates”


Phil Miller, Owner and Founder of Pawville (http://www.pawville.comfocuses on delivering the ultimate pet services consumer experience.  “It takes a village to raise a pet.”

Rocco Quaranto III and Wells Struble – CoFounders of Tama Tea (http://www.tamatea.com)  An exciting new franchise concept with specialty hand crafted beverages, diverse teas and lite bites, we are truly revolutionizing the tea experience.

Seahawk Exits


Best Uniforms was the mid-South’s most valuable provider of quality uniforms and accessories to police, fire, EMS, industrial, transit and hospitality employees. Seahawk provided embedded management and sell-side consulting services that resulted in the sale of Best Uniforms to Galls (http://www.galls.com) of Lexington, KY. Galls is a portfolio company of CI Capital of New York (http://www.cicapllc.com).

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