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Consulting Services

Work with us to turn your business dream into a reality

As an entrepreneur, you need more than cash. You need capital; human capital, intellectual capital, and financial capital. Work with our experienced team to develop all aspects of your business. Regardless of your position in the business cycle, it is never too early to plan acquisitions, growth and exit strategies


M & A

Bring your company to market with a range of expert buy/sell and valuation services.

Work with us to develop a compelling strategy focused on the needs of potential buyers. Our thorough approach and expertise has contributed to our record of rapid, successful acquisitions.



Our investors’ capital supports a range of carefully selected, promising businesses

Through investment in high-growth, innovative, and traded sector startups, our investors help develop successful, high-growth companies.


Our Companies

We build entrepreneurs!

We identify large, scalable problems and apply innovative solutions to them. We embed the entrepreneurs with us and help them navigate "the valley of death" all the way to exit, adding time, talent, and treasure as needed.

See how it works!

Seahawk Innovation


Seahawk Innovation

We realize the traditional venture fund model is broken, where only the “financial” investors make it to exit.  Entrepreneurs want to be part of a team that controls its own destiny, do something that is important and interesting, and ultimately make serious money for themselves and their families. Seahawk Innovation has a proven business model that builds entrepreneurs and valuable companies that provide liquidity for the home team!


Innovation Advisory Services

Our public-private partnership with UNCW provides Seahawk Innovation with access to substantial resources in the form of world-class physical, intellectual, and human capital assets.


Investment Banking

To maximize the value of your business, you must be able to clearly communicate the business model and value proposition and lower the barriers to purchase by sophisticated buyers.  We can help you.  Regardless of your position in the business cycle, it is never too early to plan acquisitions, growth and exit strategies. Our team has experience across a broad range of industries and can help you devise and execute your acquisition or exit strategy.